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Guns & Murder

Well, what else could be going wrong for these Reds? No wonder they are looking for a dictator to clean things up. They obviously need one. If only we didn't have to have the same leaders. What are their views regarding violence? I suspect that people who support an unprovoked attack on another country might be violent themselves. (Yes, I mean IRAQ, it's the boot-shaped one that isn't Italy in the Middle East section of your history books. Oh yeah, you don't have any books). They are always telling us how dangerous the blue states are, and how they need their guns. What about morals like "thou shall not kill?"


 Future Swing States (what will be the battleground states of the future?):  Take a shot at PA, Ohio, Virginia (again), Michegan Wisconsin Oregon, Washington and FLA
Possible unarmed trends to democratic party in 2008: see above
Possible misfiring trends to republican party in 2008:  see above.  This may be the best indicator yet.  The ability to aim (see also drinking stats)


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