Be not alone even in heaven

Balkan Proverb


The war in Yugoslavia serves as backdrop to an ethnic clash between a Serbian and Kosovar family in the Bronx.  Once best friends, fathers Gregor and Mirosh now battle over the war abroad and their nationalistic obsessions, leading both to neglect their own families.

Meanwhile, their children, Kosta and Lily, are secretly caught up in a romance. But before the two can successfully run away together, Mirosh discovers them and challenges Gregor to a street fight.

In this final confrontation, the fate of both families becomes inextricably tied together by the very violence they fled in former Yugoslavia.

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Albanian Women on the Stage
The work of Elza Zagreda

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Stay Awake wins Viewers Choice Award
Viewers Choice Award at the Century City Short Film Festival













Showing Next at
the Queens International Film Festival

November 18th at 2:30 pm
at the Kaufman Zukor Studio
3412 36th Street,
Astoria, NY 1106

Tirana Film Festival
DECEMBER 4-10th 2006
STAY AWAKE is a short film about love and wl. NOW PLAYING in New York at Queens Intl Film Fest and premiering internationally at Tirana Film Festival in early December. For more information



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