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Marriage Morals


Well how about the “sanctity of marriage”? They spent a lot of time talking about it, but you had the feeling they'd rather talk about gays.
They talked about it so much SURELY these church-going folks stay married? Right?

Uh-Oh. It looks like those liberal New Englanders are at it again –smarter AND more faithful to their spouses.
But is that true? Are the fundamentalist Reds obsessed about sex because they have something to hide? Could the New Englanders beat them at brains, marital bliss and sexual morality? Oh you bet they do.

Future Swing States (what will be the battleground states of the future?):
Possible marital trends to democratic party in 2008: Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Misouri, Kansas, Montana
Possible divorce trend for republican party in 2008: none


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