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College and High School Graduation

People in Blue states are more likely to have a high school or college degree than Red states. Also, from available census data, and information given at the Missouri ACT national conference, you can get data of what percentage of people in a state are enrolled in college, and what percentage are enrolled in High School. You can plot them against each other and see how states rank in terms of who has the highest percentages of both. And since we know the election data, we can color code that too.


Here it is in a remarkable graph:


(Source: M. Podgursky & R. Monroe (2004), Education and State Economic Performance: Evidence from the 2000 Census, Dept of Economics, University of Missouri – Columbia, Missouri ACT Annual Conference presentation)

Future Swing States:
Po Possible education trends to democratic party in 2008: Virginia, Colorodo, New Mexico, Florida, Iowa, North Dakota, Nebraska (MT AZ?)
Possible un-education trends to republican  party in 2008: none

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