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(I had to modify this map because people from Kansas couldn't seem to comprehend that it is a map of 1820, so here are the details. I made them purple even though it is not accurate. They had not voted to abolish slavery in 1820. They are wrong, but they complain alot (sound familiar). But here you go anyway. This map reperesents the legality of slavery circa 1820, not 1861. At the time some of the territories has geography slightly different than today. In 1820 Missouri was made a slave state and the territories (pink and purple above) had not yet voted on slavery but would be allowed to vote in the future (The Missouri Compromise). Kansas eventually narrowly defeated slavery after several marred votes where they approved it. Nebraska never voted for slavery, but like Kansas those who settled it brought and kept slaves in the state. In 1820 slaves existed in these states. In 1865 the North abolished slavery in the South after winning the Civil War over the matter and forcing them to enter the modern world.)

What about since the civil war?

Future Swing States (what will be the battleground states of the future?):  Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania (based on blue states that had slavery or red states that did not) 

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