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Stupid Because They Vote That Way Or Voting That Way Because They Are Stupid?

Okay, we know the election was very close, and that this business about the country being red is hype, BUT WHO ARE THESE RED FOLKS?
Well, they don't read.
Here are the numbers on education for grade schools:


Top 10



(looking redder)

Bottom 10

1. Massachusetts

11. Maine

21. Colorado

31. Michigan

41. Tennessee

2. Connecticut

12. Virginia

22. South Dakota

32. South Carolina

42. Hawaii

3. Vermont

13. Nebraska

23. Rhode Island

33. West Virginia

43. California

4. New Jersey

14. New Hampshire

24. Illinois

34. Texas

44. Alabama

5. Wisconsin

15. Kansas

25. North Carolina

35. Oregon

45. Alaska

6. New York

16. Wyoming

26. Missouri

36. Arkansas

46. Louisiana

7. Minnesota

17. Indiana

27. Delaware

37. Kentucky

47. Mississippi

8. Iowa

18. Maryland

28. Utah

38. Georgia

48. Arizona

9. Pennsylvania

19. North Dakota

29. Idaho

39. Florida

49. Nevada

10. Montana

20. Ohio

30. Washington

40. Oklahoma

50. New Mexico


8 of 10 of the most educated states are blue. 8 of 10 of the least educated are red. Aha! So they are stupid. That's why they believe this stuff.

 Future Swing States (what will be the battleground states of the future?):
Possible smartness trends to democratic party in 2008: Iowa, Montana, Virginia
Possible dumbness trends to republican party in 2008: None really but according to this Hawaii and California, Oregon and an outside shot at Michegan

(I plotted these numbers to the states in question. These are the findings of the Education State Rankings, a survey by Morgan Quitno Press of hundreds of public school systems in all 50 states. States were graded on a variety of factors based on how they compare to the national average. These included such positive attributes as per-pupil expenditures, public high school graduation rates, average class size, student reading and math proficiency, and pupil-teacher ratios. States received negative points for high dropout rates and physical violence. See http://cnn.netscape.cnn.com/news/package.jsp?name=fte/smartstates/smartstates)

Okay, these states have lousy schools but do students even graduate from them? Do they go on to college? Click on Degrees to see who's making something of their lives and who has had their opportunites stifled by their own politics.

Also, from available census data, and information given at the Missouri ACT national conference, you can get data of what percentage of people in a state are enrolled in college,

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