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Top 10 tax freeloaders

Top 10 paying for it

1. New Mexico (+$0.99)

1. New Jersey (-$0.43)

2. Alaska (+$0.89)

2. New Hampshire (-$0.36)

3. Mississippi (+$0.83)

3. Connecticut (-$0.35)

4. West Virginia ($0.82)

4.Minnesota (-$0.30)

5. North Dakota ($0.75)

5. Nevada (-$0.30)

6. Alabama ($0.69)

6. Illinois (-$0.27)

7. Montana ($0.60)

7. Massachusetts (-$0.22)

8. Virginia ($0.68)

8. California (-$0.22)

9. Hawaii ($0.68)

9. New York (-$0.21)

10. Kentucky ($0.62)

10. Colorodo (-$0.20)

(how much more or less their getting per dollar taxed in parenthesis, sources as above)

     (Washington DC is a whopping $5.59, but of course it isn't a state, and the entire federal government is financed there, as well as non-taxable embassies.)

This is not suprising, as indicated in the income chart above, the Blues have the money and the Reds are saving up for that new set of wooden teeth. All the Reds talk about is how annoyed they are that the blue states believe the government is the solution to everything, and annoyed that they believe that government money is their only solution to a problem. We hear that Reds believe in "conservative fiscal policy". Well those outlandish statements about big government are true but only in the red states. The blue states have to wake up and realize that they are subsidizing the itinerant lifestyles of these states.
     Meanwhile,the Blue states are where the good jobs and good wages are. This is because we have sensible regulations, and support our citizens in a good place to do work and a good place to hire talented individuals necessary for business, not handouts for government programs.
      We Blues should push to cut federal spending on state programs because these state programs are predominantly in red states. Let the red states vote with us to send them into further poverty, disease, and illiteracy.
     They don't deserve the highways, waterlines and electricity, we are building for them. Let them live in a darkened aluminum shack at the end of a dirt road. Come to think of it, what does that image bring to mind? Connecticut? I don't think so.

We up here in Massachusetts don't grow cotton. We'd rather buy it at the 5 cents a ton it's actually worth than pay for Mississipi to grow it for a profit and then overcharge us for it. The South has to realize that the slaves aren't coming back and it's not worth growing that stuff anymore. The West has to grow up and realize it may be fun to put on cowboy boots, but there is a reason why nobody lives out there. Please try to produce something useful for the rest of us. It's not the 19th century anymore. Heck, it's not even the 20th. Get with the program. We don't have to pay for their lifestyle choices anymore than we should write a check to the Phonoecians to build more rowboats. Tell your Red friends: if they hate government programs so much: send us our money back!

Future Tax welfare tossups: Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Nevada, there are some disgruntled folks in Texas

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